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Gmail for mobile – direct download

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Google has recently released a Gmail client for mobile phones (Enriques screenshots, downloadsquad review).
I tried to install it on my phone yesterday – but I got an ugly 404 error from I suppose that happened because it provided me with an internationalized version that didn’t exist. I then decided to visit the installation url with my webbrowser which immediately redirected me to Google Mobile, no chance to download the Java package.
But lynx is your friend!

$ lynx -useragent=Nokia5140i

Using this method I finally got the download links – language code “DE”, but after changing it to “EN” the download worked and I could upload it to my Nokia. Here we go, direct download links for the gmail mobile Java client:

Nokia Advanced-MIDP2 (jad) (e.g. 5140i)
Generic Advanced-MIDP2 (jad) (e.g. LG-LX550)
Motorola V600 (jad)

Googles list of supported phones. If you need other versions try the lynx command line above with some mobile phone version string from this site.

have fun – happy gmailing.